; Divorce mediation



Divorce mediation is a more recent development in our legal profession and is fast becoming a very valuable and popular instrument in divorce settlements.


As mediator, we act as a neutral third party assisting spouses in their divorce negotiations to reach the most amicable, fair and equitable settlement, with special emphasis on the well-being of the children. We arrange meetings with the spouses, either together or separately as well as with experts in specific fields, if so requested by the spouses.


We meet with the spouses as often as they want, give advice and formulate ideas.  We treat all negotiations as confidential.  Once the parties reached consensus, we draft the final Settlement Agreement that is then made an Order of Court.


Mediation is often very shorter and more cost effective than having to employ separate attorneys for each spouse.  We work on pre-agreed tariffs and our tariffs are in agreement with the prevailing rates.


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