; Debt collections



When it comes down to debt collections we specialize in both the collection of commercial business debts as well as consumer debts. We are committed to achieving the highest possible return on each case handed over for collection by offering a professional, cost effective and efficient service to our clients.

We attend to the collection/recovery of debts and provide a wide range of services such as tracing of debtors, writing letter of demands as well as dealing with the litigation processes. We have developed relationships with a number of collections professionals such as tracers and investigators over the year, allowing us to attend to our client’s matters effectively.

We are constantly updated on the ever changing laws pertaining to the collection and Legal processes. We adhere to the guidelines of the Pretoria Law Society, and remain accommodating regarding fee adjustments and/or special fee structures. We also offer a fee structure based only on successful collection.


Our collection services are very successful and have a high reputation among our past clients due to our outstanding customer services. Our experienced team is geared to give you an effective and speedy service.


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